THX 1138

Dir. George Lucas (1971);  86 min

FRIDAY, April 4th at 7 & 9:30pm

SATURDAY, April 5th at 7 & 9:30pm

SUNDAY, April 6th at 3pm

In a white-on-white future society, bald citizens are known by code numbers and toil in drugged stupor over meaningless tasks while chrome-faced robot policemen herd dissidents convicted of "drug avoidance" into vast white limbo prisons. 

THX (Duvall) is puzzled by the awakening of his emotions as he falls in love with his room-mate (Maggie McOmie) — who has altered his drug intake — and becomes a rebel. Notably adult in theme, structure and approach, its commercial failure doubtless motivated George Lucas's regression through adolescence (American Graffiti) to childhood (Star Wars) in his subsequent films. Neglected on its initial release, this now stands as a classic science fiction movie and one of the most remarkable debuts of the 70s. ~ Empire Online



Dir. Michael Roemer (1964);  95 min

FRIDAY, February 28th at 7 & 9:30pm

SATURDAY, March 1st at 7 & 9:30pm

SUNDAY, March 2nd at 3pm

This rerelease of the 1964 film Nothing But a Man, the pioneering drama about African-American life, is an enormous pleasure. The performances are so fresh and natural – yet so subtle and delicately judged. The direction is superb in its control and the cinematography creates a gripping docu-realist vision. Why has this passionate and involving love story been relatively overlooked? Could there have been a politically correct reluctance to endorse a film about black people made by a white man? Michael Roemer is a German-born immigrant whose Jewish background and experience of Nazi persecution gave him what he felt was a heightened sensitivity to America's racial injustice. Well, it is a joy to see this film now. Duff (Ivan Dixon) is an Alabama railroad worker who falls in love with a schoolteacher, Josie (Abbey Lincoln). The couple encounter racism and their relationship is tested by Duff's family dysfunction: he has an absent dad and neglects his own son from a previous relationship. This moving film has the boldness and simplicity of a real master. ~ The Guardian

An Artists Public Domain/Cinema Conservancy Release of a Cinedigm/New Video Film. Restored by Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual

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