Dir. Richard Donner (1985); 114 min

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What can we add to this film’s illustrious pedigree? Its Oregon locale, its 80s hybrid of action-adventure and pre-teen sex comedy, its quotable lines, it defines an era for many 80s (and 90s) kids. Pretty much, if you don’t like this movie, don’t tell anyone. Its status as a classic is unquestioned. The story follows a group of young kids who find a treasure map and plan to use the hidden pirate gold to save their homes from being demolished. Featuring a young Samwise Gamgee, aka Rudy, and a great tough-guy/older brother performance from 17 year old Josh Brolin. It also has Corey Feldman in it. Co-written by Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus, both of whom have cornered the market in kids entertainment.